New arrest made in Kidnapping case totals 6 suspects.


4 people were arrested in connection with a kidnapping that according to reports happened early in March. Out of these 4 one suspect named Richard Duerson made a recorded phone call from the Detention Center which according to officials was to another suspect connected to the case. Officials report Jennifer McFarland took orders from Duerson to “clean” his apartment over the phone. Police report believing this was code and McFarland was actually hiding evidence for Duerson.

According to reports a black car was seen leaving McFarland’s Apartment at some point during police observation. This car would later be connected to Corey Duerson who according to reports and interviews from both the Victim and accomplice McFarland was involved with the kidnapping and was Richard Duerson’s Cousin. A further inspection of Corey Duerson’s home reportedly turned up 5 grams of heroin which was added to his list of charges after he was lodged in the Madison County Detention center