Widely Circulated Post of Seemingly Dangerous Hole Gets City’s Attention


You may have seen a picture of a seemingly large hole on South Third Street that was circulating on social media this week. The poster had a concern that a small child could even fall through or that an adult walking past could injure themselves.

WBONtv went out to the site after bringing this to the attention of the city. Almost immediately, the road crew was at the site, sectioning it off and getting ready to remedy the problem.

We spoke to City Manager Rob Minerich, who said that usually these things get posted on social media before they are brought to the attention of the City. However, he says that a new app is in the works that would seek to streamline the process of reporting such things, such as the hole on Third, directly to those in charge.

Minerich said that they were in talks with the developer the day of the interview, and that paving would take place within a day or two depending on weather.

He added that at the last City Commission meeting there was also approval given to allocate a new position that would directly handle all these complaints.

Watch the interview to get these details as well as see the damaged area for yourself.