Recorded phone call from the detention center leads to drug bust, gun bust, and arrest.


According to police, a recorded phone call was made from the Detention Center by Richard Duerson last Friday.

Recently arrested last month on charges of kidnapping, officers report Duerson directed Jennifer McFarland (42) to “clean” his apartment. Police report believing McFarland was retrieving items of evidentiary value connected to Duerson’s case.

Richard Duerson, 39

Officials also report conducting an interview with McFarland, who waived her Miranda rights and agreed to speak. Reportedly McFarland confirmed that she had cleaned Duerson’s apartment and retrieved items as well for him.

A search warrant was reportedly obtained and executed on McFarland’s apartment where officers report finding numerous amounts of drugs in large quantities as well as a rifle and several handguns.

McFarland was arrested and charged with tampering with physical evidence, controlled substance methamphetamine, controlled substance cocaine and another drug that was unspecified.

She is now lodged in the Madison County Detention Center. All evidence was seized and turned over to Narcotics Detectives who assisted with the investigation.