Alleged suspect in recent Berea College break-in attempt found hiding in a closet


The Berea Police Department was dispatched to Berea College Facilities building in reference to a male who was seen with tools in the area.

The building that the suspect was in had a garage door that closed and was behind a locked fence area.

Officials entered the building and were able to locate 37-year-old Gary Davidson in the building in a closet area.

Davidson reportedly stated that he was using the bathroom.

Officials found two sets of tool boxes on the hood of a truck and one of the tool box in the bed of the truck was up. Davidson stated that he was given the permission to be in the area and to use the tools but according to the Berea College Public Safety, Davidson was not allowed to be there.

According to a citation, Public Safety claimed that Davidson was banned from the college and that he was allegedly also a suspect who attempted to gain access to a dorm a week ago or so.

Davidson was arrested and charged with 3rd degree burglary, 3rd degree criminal mischief, and theft by unlawful taking of property under $500.