Berea Has First Reading On Ordinance to Allow Pool to be Played on Sundays


Councilman John Payne has introduced an ordinance to repeal part of the current code of ordinances that prevents businesses with pool tables from allowing customers to play on Sunday. Councilman Payne explained that he found the ordinance when looking for ordinances to repeal before adding new ones and thought that old laws that are still on the books but not enforced should be the first to go.

During public comments, two citizens brought up the invocation held before every council meeting. The two citizens expressed concern over invocations in previous meetings being given exclusively by Christian religious leaders. One citizen suggested that the invocation become non-religious or that a moment of silence should be held before each meeting so that individuals can prepare for the meeting according to their own religious beliefs.

The Berea Community High School Lady Pirates were congratulated by mayor Bruce Fraley for their win in the 11th district All A Classic Tournament and proclaimed March, 5 2019 Lady Pirates day in their honor.

Lastly mayor Fraley expressed the importance of attending the City of Berea Strategic Planning Workshop at the Madison Southern High School on Thursday at 5:30 P.M. He said that hearing the public’s opinions is one of the most important part of planning the year for the city.