Four arrested in connection to Richmond kidnapping

top left: James White; top right: Richard Duerson; bottom left: Edwin Herring; bottom right: Emora Bruce

Four people have been arrested in Richmond in connection with kidnapping of an adult.

Kandi Qualls was allegedly held against her will for approximately 2-3 hours at 306 Kristin Drive. An expensive Rolex watch had gone missing and one of her alleged kidnappers, Richard Duerson believed that Qualls knew where the watch was.

During her captivity, she was allegedly physically beaten by multiple subjects. Reports say that she was also threatened with firearms and was struck in the head with a pistol. A barrel of a rifle was allegedly also stuck in her mouth.

According to police, the subjects threatened to kill Qualls. A citation states that Duerson handed her a bullet from the rifle and told her that it would be the bullet that killed her if he did not get the watch back.

Qualls was able to contact her friend, Steven Thomas, who came to pick her up.

She managed to run out the front door but was chased by Duerson and another male who were carrying firearms. Thomas stopped the men and told them that no one needed to die and that he would find the watch for them. Thomas was also allegedly threatened to be killed.

A search warrant was obtained on above’s location. Upon inspection in Duerson’s bedroom, officers found a supply of methamphetamine in a zip lock bag, approx. 661 ecstasy pills, and a gun magazine all inside a bag.

Duerson is a convicted felon on home incarceration for unrelated felony charges. He was charged with two drug charges, possession of a handgun by convicted felon, possession of firearm by convicted felon, 2nd degree assault, kidnapping of an adult, tampering with physical evidence, and 3rd degree terroristic threatening.

Three other people were also arrested in connection to the kidnapping; James White (38), Edwin Herring (29) , and Emora Bruce (42).

White reportedly denied having to do anything with the incident. He stated that he had been at his apartment all day and was unaware of people coming and going. He also stated that he heard a “bump”, but it was none of his business. White was charged with 2nd degree assault and kidnapping of an adult.

According to a citation, Emora was seated on a couch in the living room when officers made entry to the apartment. A revolver was located stuffed into the couch where he was seated. He stated that the gun was not his. Emora allegedly had red stains on his shirt that appeared to be blood but reports say that he claimed to not know what happened to Qualls. He did allegedly admit that he remembered a white female being present at some point. Emora is also a convicted felon. Emora was charged with possession of handgun by convicted felon, 2nd degree assault and kidnapping of an adult.

Edwin Herring had an unrelated warrant and was trying to conceal his identity. In an interview with officials, Edwin Herring continued to state that he was David Watts. Reports say that had been at the apartment the entire day along with other suspects. Herring was charged with 2nd degree assault, kidnapping of an adult, and giving officer false identifying information.