Granddaughter allegedly gives grandmother 10 stitches


The Richmond Police Department arrested a 20 year old woman yesterday for allegedly assaulting her grandmother.

A warrant of arrest says that the victim had her bank account hacked and her granddaughter, Kalin Burton drove her to Richmond Police Department to make a report of the incident.

When the victim came back out to the vehicle, Kalin asked where their money was and the victim told her that it takes time to get the money back. Kalin became irate and was yelling and cursing at the victim.

During the drive, Kalin allegedly began striking the victim with closed fists and pulling her hair. The victim would try to get out of the vehicle but Kalin locked all the doors, not letting the victim out of the vehicle. She continued on assaulting her grandmother.

At one point, the victim rolled down her window and was allegedly screaming for someone to call 911 when Kalin rolled up the window smashing the victim’s fingers.

Reports say that Kalin stopped the vehicle in the area of squires Alley and took the victim’s purse which contained debit card, bank card, and her mobile phone. The victim then took advantage by jumping into the drivers seat and driving herself to her mother’s house where they called 911.

The assault reportedly caused the victim 10 stitches in her ear and caused her to have blurry vision.

Kalin was taken to the Madison County Detention Center and was charged with 4th degree assault, 2nd degree unlawful imprisonment and theft by unlawful taking (under $500).