Richmond man charged with 1st degree rape for allegedly assaulting girlfriend


Richmond Police Department recently responded to a complaint of a domestic dispute near the area of Mcdonald’s on 864 Eastern Bypass.

The victim stated that she had been assaulted by her live in boyfriend, 49 year old Jimmy Oglesby. The victim had several visible injuries and was transported to RPD for an interview.

In the interview, the victim claimed that the day the call was made, she was choked several times, each time being approx. 20 to 30 seconds long to the point that she became dizzy. She also claimed that she has difficulty swallowing anything.

During the same span, Oglesby allegedly also assaulted her on the face, causing bruising to both eyes. Victim stated that Oglesby would not allow her to leave his sight, threatening to kill her multiple times if she told anyone or went to the police.

Oglesby allegedly sexually assaulted her and she stated that she was scared for her life to physically try to stop him.

Two days later, the victim was forced to drive to the liquor store by Oglesby. When she refuses, he allegedly attempted to suffocate her by placing a pillow on her for approximately 13 minutes.

A citation says that they went through a drive thru of the liquor store and victim was able to escape by jumping out of the truck and running inside the store. Oglesby drove away.

Officers managed to locate Oglesby at his residence and he was brought in the station for an interview.

Oglesby admitted to having sex with the victim and stated that they have had sex every night for the past nine months. He denied ever choking the victim other than intercourse and denied sexually assaulting the victim. Oglesby couldn’t explain why she had injuries on her body, he claimed that she had tripped in the middle of the night.

Oglesby continuously stated that he was being arrested because the victim had threatened to get him arrested by making up several stories.

He was taken to the Madison County Detention Center and was charged with 2nd degree assault (domestic violence), and 1st degree rape (domestic violence).