BPD: Grandson allegedly steals $20k from grandmother


The Berea Police Department received a call early yesterday regarding a fraud use of credit card. The subject allegedly used debit cards belonging to 85 year old Mary Riley.

It was discovered that Christopher Adams allegedly unlawfully used his grandmother’s debit cards to withdraw money from her accounts. Reports say that there is photographic evidence of Adams withdrawing money during the span of January 2018 to September 2018. The money withdrawn totaled around $20,000.

The victim, Riley, stated that she never gave Adams the permission to withdraw the large sums of money from her account.

Adult Protective Services has been involved in this investigation and produced an order to White House Clinic for medical records of Riley. According to a citation, the documents  stated that Riley has been diagnosed with dementia.

In an interview with the BPD, Adam said that he is having personal “family” problems with his grandmother and that he does not see her much anymore. Adams claimed that he used to go to her house often to take care of her.

Adams was placed under arrest at the Berea Police Department.