Cajun Coast Search and Rescue searching for Savannah Spurlock officially leaves Kentucky today


After spending two weeks searching for missing Richmond woman, Savannah Spurlock, the Louisiana search and rescue team is officially leaving Kentucky.

The Cajun Coast Search and Rescue team has covered a lot of ground in their search of the 23 year old mother, but Monday marked the team’s final day.

The weather in Kentucky hasn’t been easy for a lot of crews in the search mission. “A lot of rain so it’s inhibiting our ability to do a lot today,” said Commander Toney Wade on Monday.

Spurlock was last seen leaving The Other Bar in Lexington on January 4 with three men. Further investigations revealed that she went to a Garrard County home after leaving the bar.

Since her disappearance, officials have released photos of her phone and purse she was carrying before she went missing.

Anyone with information regarding Spurlock is asked to contact the Richmond Police Department at (859) 624 4776 immediately.