Police: Man Allegedly Threatens Extortion, Using Nail Gun on Woman for Torture


Richmond police arrested a Madison County man over the weekend, and charged him with multiple charges including extortion, criminal mischief, and terroristic threatening.

According to the arrest citation, a victim called police in reference to Daniel Middleton, who apparently showed up at the residence accusing her of stealing $500.00 and drugs from him. Middleton allegedly told the victim he was going to send his “goons” to torture the woman by nail gunning her feet to the floor and beating her until she gave up the drugs and money.

The victim also told police that Middleton allegedly took apart her doorknob to her home in order to allow the “goons” to get at her easily.

When she called Middleton, the two were able to make a deal to call it even at $350, to which he agreed and showed up to find police at the residence. Middleton was detained by police, who report that a revolver was found on his person during a search. As Middleton is convicted felon, this warranted an additional charge.

Middleton told police as he was being detained that he was only bluffing, and meant no harm to the victim and that he just wanted his money back.