Eastern Kentucky “Moonshiners” Featured on Discovery Channel

WBONtv interviewed two stars from Kentucky who were featured on the Discovery Channel’s ‘Moonshiners’ show.
In the interview, Jeff Edwards and Donnie Benton also explained their efforts in bringing tourism into Kentucky.
Benton grew up in Old Landing Ky. His grandfather was a Moonshiner. His grandfather always told him there was no good in making moonshine, so he shouldn’t do it. Donnie says, “what better way to get someone to do something, than to tell them they can’t, and I think my Grandpa knew that…. “
Benton’s girlfriend, Teresa Coomer Mays, grew up on Log Shoal holler in Lee county Ky. In that holler her grandpa and great uncle made Moonshine. Teresa is now learning more about the art from her boyfriend.
The couple still live in Lee County.
The other Moonshiner, Jeff Edwards is from Alpharetta, GA who now lives in Irvine, KY. He learned to make Brandy at the age of 14 and his history runs deep into the start of Nascar which was created by Moonshine runners.
Catch them on the 8th season of Discovery Channel “Moonshiners” show Wednesday nights at 9 pm!