Berea Mayor Bruce Fraley Explains Changes to City Council Meeting Agendas


Berea’s mayor Bruce Fraley has made some changes to the agendas for the city council meetings.   Fraley moved the public comments section from the end of the meetings to the beginning.  He explained that this decision comes from the fact that he wants the council to hear the public’s opinion on issues before they are voted on.  He also said it would be convenient for any one who wants to make an announcement about a community event so that they don’t have to wait through the entire meeting.  The mayor also addressed the confusion about changing the language from public comments to recognition of visitors.  He explained that the public’s time to speak was previously referred to as recognition visitors in 2016 and was only changed recently and that future agendas will be changed to be more clear.  He also added that he wants the public involved in meetings and if you have any questions about a meeting agenda or something on the agenda to call the city hall at (859) 986-8528 and ask for the city clerk, city administrator or himself.  Berea’s city council meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 P.M.