Girl Allegedly Assaulted In Her Kitchen


A 16 year old girl called the police after she allegedly said she was assaulted in her kitchen back on September 20th, 2018.

The girl stated she was in an argument with suspect Hunter Laswell, and he turned violent. According to the officers, they reported Laswell and the young female were in fact in an argument, and as the argument continued Laswell grabbed the girl’s arm and started to shake her.


The girl allegedly tried running to the kitchen to call 911, but according to police, Laswell grabbed her phone and disabled the home phone so she could not call. The report stated that Laswell allegedly started to hit the girl’s head against the kitchen counter and even hit her in the face.

The 16 year old girl tried to escape the house, but according to the report Laswell grabbed her and started to strangle her until she was gasping for air. Allegedly, the young girl was able to escape and call for help.


According to the girl and the report, while she fled the scene she allegedly watched Laswell take several articles of clothing… including her bras and underwear. Police report that there were also visible knots on the victim’s head as well as potential strangulation marks.


Laswell was arrested on February 3rd 2019 with charges of:

Assault, 2nd degree-Domestic Violence
Unlawful Imprisonment- 1st Degree
Theft by unlawful taking or disposition All Others U/500