Former Richmond Meijer Employee Sentenced After Allegedly Stealing $15k From Store


A former employee of the Richmond Meijer is now in custody and sentenced to five years for theft by unlawful taking by the Madison County Circuit Court. Richmond police responded to the grocery store a year ago where loss prevention officers notified police that 38 year old Crystal Hatton had been taking money from Meijer.


On surveillance footage, Hatton was allegedly seen concealing rolls of bills in a wrist band, and then leaving with the money. Numbers were allegedly manipulated in the computer system to try and compensate for the amount of cash that Hatton had allegedly taken.


According to a written statement from Hatton as well as surveillance footage, she had allegedly pocketed over $15,000 over the course of five months because she claimed that her home and children were threatened. Hatton will receive five years, three of which are probated.