Fight Over Beer Money Results in Thrown Brick, Arrest in Richmond


Richmond Police responded to a domestic violence call Sunday between a father and son at the Barnes Mill Apartments.

According to the father, Gregory Gross, his son Johnathon (no mugshot on Detention Center website at this time) came by wanting beer money, but a fight allegedly erupted when he was informed it was Sunday and would not be able to make the in-county alcohol purchase.

The father reported to police that he was hit in the head upon delivering this news to his son, but no visible injuries were listed in the citation. However, Johnathon apparently threw a brick through the glass door to the apartment, leading police to make contact with him.

Police report that the son was unsteady on his feet, had slurred speech, and other obvious signs of impairment. He allegedly told police that he did in fact throw the brick, but never hit his father.

The officer added that en route to the detention center, Johnathon Gross told her that she needed to “quit being a cop and get a job that women do” and also allegedly threatened to kill himself as he was “now homeless”. The citation details that he continued with an expletive-filled rant saying that Kentucky was a “bunch of dumb f—— hillbillies.”


Johnathon Gross was charged with 3rd Degree Criminal Mischief and 4th degree Assault and lodged in the Detention Center.