Parents’ Argument Results In Arrest, Child Allegedly Stepped in to Save Dad’s Life


Officers recently received a call regarding a domestic violence case at 709 Sizemore Drive in Richmond.

Upon arriving on scene, officers learned that 32 year old Chasity Murphy and her husband Stephen Roe were having an argument about who their children were allowed to be around.

Stephen stated that the argument with his wife started to get physical. He was allegedly struck on the back of his head with an unknown object from the kitchen. According to reports, he suffered a large knot and small laceration to the back of his head as well as a small laceration to a finger on his left hand due to the assault.

In an interview with their son, he claimed that his mom Chasity grabbed a knife from the kitchen and started going after his dad in an attempt to stab him. The son also stated that he feared she was going to kill his dad so he “hugged her” and took the knife away from her. “I knew my mother wouldn’t kill me” said the son in his statement. He reportedly just wanted to intervene to stop the situation.

Estill County District Court issued multiple warrants for the arrest of Chasity Murphy for various traffic violations. She is lodged in the Madison County Detention Center.