Meth Death Case Sent to Grand Jury


Rodney Elam had his preliminary hearing in the Madison County court Wednesday afternoon.

Elam was accused of providing Methamphetamine to 18 year old Sarah Boyken of Waco. She was found unresponsive in the men’s bathroom at a Berea McDonald’s and was later pronounced dead at St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington.

Officers say that after taking Boyken into the bathroom, Elam waited for more than 30 minutes to ask for help.

In the hearing, Elam’s defense attorney argued that there is no allegation that he forced Boyken to use Methamphetamine.

Judge Earl Ray Neal was more focused in the other facts of the case. He was mostly concerned about the “wantonness of the conduct of allegedly leaving a completely incapacitated alleged victim in a public restroom for a period of time of about 38 minutes prior to asking for medical treatment”.

The defense said they will wait to address that. Judge Neal sent the case to the Grand Jury.

Judge Neal also increased Elam’s bond to $100,000 considering Boyken had passed away since his bond was first set.