Jimmy John’s and Gallery Downtown Close Their Doors, Two More Doors Open


When one (or two) doors close, two more tend to open as the saying goes. This is true for Richmond’s downtown area, where the Jimmy John’s sandwich chain located on Main Street closed its doors for good in the past days.

Crews are working to clear the area as you can see in the footage despite the cold conditions, and WBONtv spoke to John Leeds, the local business owner of Leed’s Fine Jewelry. He said that although his business has been doing well for nearly 3 decades, he has seen a lot of changes downtown, including the imminent closing of the Chestnut Gallery on the corner in the coming weeks. Leeds said that he believes part of the reason that businesses are closing is due to the lack of foot traffic downtown. Leeds also commented that there have been some issues recently with vandalization, possibly accredited to patrons of local bars. However, he said he feels very confident that the new City Commission team and City Manager will remedy this problem, and help bring more foot traffic and business to downtown.

City Manager for Richmond Rob Minerich commented that although these two businesses are closing, a new burger place is opening across from City Hall, and the new Tela’s Sandwich shop has been successful in its first week since the ribbon cutting last Friday on Second Street.

Minerich assured locals that they are working to do everything they can to keep downtown alive and well, and nothing is looking bleak at this point as new businesses keep popping up. However, he says the downtown landscape is completely different than it was even 10 or 5 years ago, and those at City Hall are adapting to the changing times.

City Manager Minerich Talks New Year Changes, Downtown Development


Check out last week’s interview with Minerich, where he details the plans already in place to remedy the ongoing parking complaints on Main and adjacent areas.