After Search Warrant Executed, RPD Assures Detectives are Working Tirelessly on Spurlock Investigation


The search continues for 22 year old Savannah Spurlock, the missing mother of four from richmond. yesterday richmond police executed a search warrant at a home in Garrard county that belongs to the parents of one of the suspects last seen with the victim. Spurlock was last seen January fourth leaving a Lexington bar with two men. Police searched the grounds, buildings and vehicles. One car was towed away from the scene, but no charges have been filed, and the investigation continues. Richmond police were able to execute the out of county warrant as they are still the lead agency investigating her disappearance.

Photo Credit: LEX18

RPD Lt. Colonel Rodney Richardson weighed in on the case today, and said that there is still a lot of action going on behind the scenes as police are working tirelessly to solve the case. However, he reiterated to WBON that because of the nature of the investigation, they have to be extremely careful about sending out any information to the public, but assures the family and those concerned about Spurlock’s disappearance that they can be confident RPD is working overtime and has leads they are actively working.