Update: Information Obtained Regarding Attempted Murder Fugitive


Recently, officers in Madison County were made aware of a fugitive wanted out of North Carolina in connection with an attempted murder case.

A home on Brooklyn Blvd was searched, as it was where the fugitive, Nohsher Chiah was supposedly residing at.

After a warrant for Chiah’s arrest was obtained, he was taken to the Detention Center without incident.

WBONTV obtained the arrest warrants and citation, which states that Chiah will be expedited for the crimes he is accused of.

According to the documents, Chiah apparently had malice and forethought when it came to the shooting of woman See Thao. She suffered one shot to the chest with a 9mm semi-automatic handgun in Henderson North Carolina. The attempted murder occured on March 11 of 2018. Chiah is still lodged in the Madison County Detention Center at the time of this writing.