Video Shows Possible other Perspective to Viral Video of Kentucky High School Students

Surely if you have logged on social media or watched the news today, you have seen the viral video of a high schooler from Northern Kentucky’s Covington Catholic High School seemingly in the face of a Native American veteran.

Always attempting to get all sides of the story(but in no way attempting to excuse behavior of any students), WBONtv interviewed sources who wish to remain anonymous during this contentious time who say that the students were there for the March for Life, and were in the wrong place at the wrong time during the Indigenous People’s March.


We do not wish, as a news agency to weigh in on either side, but do want to provide video that shows the other side of the story that has since been seen by millions across the world where the group was approached by the man.


Many celebrities and personalities alike have jumped into the fray, saying that they believe this is irreparable damage as the students surrounded the man.
Students report that they had been heckled before this incident, and were solely in town for the March for Life. Students were apparently called “inbreds and f*****s” by other protesters, leading up to the footage that you see here.


The Archdioceses of both Covington and Cincinnati, the governing bodies of Catholic churches and schools in the area, have both spoken out with official statements admonishing the actions of the students seen in the video now gone viral.


There has still been no word from Covington Catholic High School officially, from the principal or other staff.

*Update: video below shows another perspective, where students from CCH personally sent WBONtv more footage in order to publish. Warning, as there is explicit language. Another group was allegedly shouting obscenities at the high school students, particularly one African American Student that attends the Catholic High School.