Wife calls Berea Police, Husband Arrested for Assault, Methamphetamine Charges


Berea Police Department recently responded to a domestic violence call on Prince Royal Drive in the Wendy’s parking lot.

The wife told dispatch that her husband, 36 year old Kerry Cooper had allegedly fled the scene in a Black Ford SUV.

Officers conducted a traffic stop where the vehicle was spotted on Jefferson Street for having only one brake light. Upon making contact with driver, Kerry claimed that he had an argument with his wife and that he was stressed.

Kerry was arrested on scene with a warrant unrelated to the call, but upon further investigation, officers witnessed minor injuries on the female victim and Kerry was also charged with 4th degree assault.

Kerry reportedly stated that he self medicated himself with methamphetamine the day before due to stress from his wife.

In a test conducted, reports say that when he was asked to close his eyes and estimate the passage of 90 seconds, he estimated that 90 seconds had passed at 28 seconds.

Officers believe that Kerry was still under the influence of narcotics while driving on a revoked license.

Below are his charges: