Following Protests, Lincoln County Teacher Still Under Investigation


WBON TV reached out to The Lincoln County Board of Education to get their take on the teacher who was accused of abusing an autistic student. Because the investigation is ongoing they refused to comment at this time.

On January 9th, Trina Abrahms was arraigned on a misdemeanor assault charge. A video was released back in October showing Abrahms dragging 9-year-old Alan Jackson down the hallway at Wurtland Elementary School in Green county. The child suffered from autism, which his mother said from time to time results in sudden tantrums. Jackson was having one of these said “outbursts” and Abrahms dragged him out of the classroom by his arms in attempt to remove him, as you can see in the video below.


Abrahms attorney entered a not guilty plea in court, and she was fired from her position at the school. On January 16th, two school assistants were let go and the teacher was relocated to the student support center. Many parents reported that they are upset and protested the relocation of the teacher.

Abrahms is set to appear for her pretrial conference on Feb. 20.


Video credit to LEX 18