Update From the Berea City Council Meeting


During Tuesday night’s city council meeting,  Ken Vasey was reappointed to the Housing Authority of Berea.  In addition, Ben Robinson the Third, Michael Barnett, Phill Milicote, and Jeff Reed were reappointed by Bruce Fraley to work on the Planning and Zoning Committee for the next four years.

During the councilor comments section of the meeting, new councilor Emily LaDouceur also brought up the idea of creating a committee to update the code of ethics for councilors. The code of conduct for councilors has not been updated in over a century.

Lastly, mayor Bruce Fraley pointed out the gavel that he was using for the meeting was the same one used by mayor John Lewis Gay who was the first mayor of Berea and served from 1910 to 1958.  He said that gavel represents the people of Berea’s past as well as the future of the city.