$1.4 Million YMCA Project Seeks to Preserve History


WBONTV stopped by the YMCA to talk to CEO Ken Wedel regarding YMCA’s new building project.

The new project consists of tearing down the 4 buildings of what used to be part of the old Richmond High School. Due to dated history, the buildings are said to hold sentimental and historic significance to many African-American Madison County residents.

Although some asked for a reconsideration regarding the building teardown, Wedel explains how the historical integrity of the old Richmond High School will be preserved and what addition is included in the new project.

They have been approved with up to $1.4 million for the demolition and the construction of the additions.

Part of the renovations that they’re doing is to get the utilities rearranged for the buildings.

Wedel will try to push for a small soccer field and 25 extra parking spaces up front on East Main st. if there are any extra financial leftovers.