Coroner Cornelison Details Record for Deaths for 2018, Unclaimed Bodies, and Overdoses


As we were on our way for this extended interview concerning the drug epidemic and unclaimed bodies with Coroner Jimmy Cornelison, we passed by two suspected overdose victims that were revived down the street.

Get all the details in the video below, in which the Coroner explains how the past year he has seen the largest number of deaths both from drugs and otherwise, and tells us the goals for his new term after already serving 20 years as the Coroner for Madison County.

Cornelison goes in depth at the challenges his office continues to face in the wake of the drug epidemic, as well as having the longest stretch of I-75 going through our county, which contributes to deaths as well.

He says with the new year just beginning, he has plans in the works, such as working with Kentucky State Police and Coroners all over the Commonwealth to deal with this seemingly unending challenge.