The Big Freeze: Protect Your Pipes This Holiday!


WBON-TV’s Marisa Hempel walks around the house to tell you all the tips you need to know to avoid costly freezing and bursting of your pipes this winter.

Leaving the heat on, even if it is below room temperature, will help to keep your entire home warmer, and therefore the piping as well. Also, keeping cabinets open will allow warmer air to get to your exposed pipes underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks.

For the pipes that are exposed in colder basements and garages, wrapping them with foam or fiberglass will help insulate and therefore allow you to avoid costly fixes.

Use of caulk is also important, whether indoors or outdoors, as the point is to keep cold air out and warm air in: so seal any cracks or holes around piping.

Lastly, leaving a faucet slightly dripping relives pressure so there is no build up below that would make a pipe freeze and burst.

Follow these instructions to ensure that your house will not incur any damages, especially if you are leaving your home unattended during the holidays.