Another Instance of Animal Cruelty: Help Find the Perpetrator!


In Garrard County yesterday, this dog, named Holly, suffered an extreme injury.

As you can see in the graphic photos below, she was hit by an arrow that went through her face and snout. (pictures acquired from social media with permission)

The owners and the Garrard County Animal Shelter report that Holly is now making a recovery, and is at home resting. However, they add that she has a long road ahead of her to get over such a serious injury. Her owner reported to WBON this morning that she is moving slowly, and is on medication to keep her comfortable.


As this is on the tail of the other story out of Scott County where a puppy was dumped in a freezing creek, it is important to report such instances of abuse.


If anyone has any information on who may have done this to Holly, please contact local law enforcement.