Former Woodford Co. Educator sentenced to 18 months for sexual relations with a student


18 months in prison is what former Woodford County Educator Lindsey Banta Jarvis, 28, of Lexington is now looking at.


After pleading guilty in September at the Woodford Circuit Court she is now being charged in Fayette County as well for offenses involving the same student. Pleading guilty to third degree rape and third degree sodomy allowed for another charge of unlawful transaction being dismissed as a part of a plea agreement. Jarvis will be receiving 84 days of home incarceration that count towards her 18 month prison time.


Jarvis is to be sentenced Friday in Fayette Circuit Court on another charge of third degree rape. Jarvis, a former instructional aide for teachers, resigned last year from the Fayette County schools. Before that, she worked in the Woodford school district as a social studies teacher.

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