After 25 Years, Downtown Landmark Closes its Doors For Good


Whether you loved, hated, or were indifferent to the Manhattan Club, there is no denying its place and longevity in Richmond.

The Gentleman’s Club closed with notice of about a month in advance, with the last day slotted for November 30th. However, power was cut off to the building and the club closed unexpectedly ahead of last Friday’s finale.

WBONtv reached out to the owners and management, who replied but did not provide much information, nor clarified a reason for closing. Much buzz on social media points to lack of business, and reports from those that worked in the club seemed to mirror this sentiment.

However, a new business in the location of the old College Station on South Second Street has opened its doors, called ReallyRich Lounge. It seems that part of the business model, at least for one day a week at this new club, is similar to the former Gentleman’s Club.

Multiple individuals have taken interest on social media for the now empty building, with some Richmond residents expressing hope that a new bar will take its place.