Volunteer Firefighters, Sheriff’s Deputy Allegedly Assaulted While Aiding at Scene of Accident


Yesterday in the area of 1087 Speedwell Road, a single vehicle injury collision occurred. Volunteer firefighters were the first on scene, and were soon joined by other agencies as a fight allegedly broke out. According to the arrest records, one of the volunteers was attempting to get a victim, the wife of Gene Southworth, out of the vehicle as she seemed to be trapped.

Southworth allegedly became increasingly agitated and shouted curse words at the volunteer, and allegedly nearly hit a firefighter with his vehicle as he pulled onto the scene with his daughter.

Southworth and two firefighters then allegedly got in a shoving match on the scene. The daughter of the victim also began arguing with a sheriff’s department official at the scene during the above scuffle and even allegedly jumped on the back of a deputy.

Southworth was eventually taken into custody with force and the use of a taser. The daughter, Mindy St. Pierre, was also arrested.

While the arrest was taking place, backup had to arrive to assist with the collision and compile a full report as the altercation, according to deputies had distracted.