Governor Bevin Recognizes Those Who Found Young Eden Hines


Today Governor Bevin recognized the first responders who safely brought home young Eden Hines in Berea from Red Lick Road, where she was found atop a mountain.  Deputy Zachary Bryant of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department can be seen talking with the Governor in the video. The Governor made each of the first responders Honorary Kentucky Colonels for their efforts to save the little girl.

This group of people are those who remained on scene throughout the night of October 14th into Monday Morning on the 15th despite cold weather and rain. Eden was missing for 15 hours when they found her on a mountain top approximately 2 miles from her home that she went missing from. She was found sleeping on a rock after 4 am on the morning of the 15th.

The following are the men that were honored:

Lonnie Madden – Chief of Sand Gap Fire & Rescue; Wayne Adams, Chief of Red Lick Volunteer Fire Department and Deputy Chief of the Department at the Bluegrass Army Depot; Zachary Bryant, Jackson County Sheriffs Department; Jamie Strong – Executive Director of Jackson County Emergency Management