Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: District 4 School Board Candidate Wayne Renfro


School board candidate and husband of current school board member Wayne Renfro says he is ready to get on the school board for district 4 and help keep the momentum going that the school board has already accomplished in recent years. With his wife running for State Representative and thus vacating her spot, Renfro said he was ready to take on the challenge as he already knows how the board operates.

With the addition of the new Boonesborough Elementary, Renfro says that this is a huge advancement for the county and the students.

We also spoke during his two minute sitdown about school safety, and Renfro was adamant, as he has his own children, that this is of utmost priority.

Renfro himself is a pensioner, so he adds that this gives him an inside look at what the teachers are going through statewide with the ongoing pension woes.