Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: District 4 School Board Candidate Brandy Winkler


Lifetime Madison County resident Brandy Winkler says she wants to take the experience she has learned during her career in banking and Information Techology and put it to good use on the Madison County School Board.

She is running for District 4, and says that since the spot will be vacated as Mary Renfro is running for State Representative, she took her chance to campaign. Winkler has two sons in the school system, one of which just graduated from Madison Southern and the other at Farristown. Therefore, she says she knows the ins and outs of the school system here in Madison County at all levels.

As school security is of utmost importance, we discussed this at length during her two minute sitdown. Winkler explains that her entire job centers around safety and security of assets at the bank, which can be directly tied to the assets of the schools, and most importantly safety of the children.

She adds that keeping the schools locked up and safe is not just important when there is an immediate threat, but 24/7 to keep kids safe.

We also discussed pension issues, and Winkler elaborates that with these issues going on statewide, retention of current teachers and addition of new, young edcuators are more important to her than ever.

Winkler ends by concluding that she loves her community, and it not in this race for any political benefit, but instead to serve her community and seek to support both students and their teachers.