Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: District 4 School Board Candidate Lori Linville Cobb


Lori Linville Cobb says she has been working closely with school districts all across the state helping with insurance and risk management programs. She says this is one of the reasons she wants to run for Madison County School Board in District 4. Cobb explains that she has been working with school boards for quite some time in her career, so she has a vested interest in teachers and students.

She has two daughters herself in the school system, as well as a handful of nieces and nephews, which also makes it important to her to get involved, especially now that school safety is a hot button topic.

Cobb elaborates that it is not just about school resource officers and active shooter training: there are other facets that are not paid as much attention to that she would bring up if she gets elected to the position. Some of these other issues are children in the classrooms being safe as well as on buses and at sporting events.

Being a part of PTO, Cobb says she has been in the schools volunteering for years, whether it be working in the office or interacting with students.

Lastly, Cobb says she wants to do anything she can to help allow children to be successful and to make a difference to the students of Madison County.