Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: District 1 Magistrate Candidate Robert “Bob” New


Magistrate Candidate for District One in Southern Madison County Robert ‘Bob’ New says he is ready to take a spot for the County government to help the community that he has never strayed from.

New works currently at Hyster Yale, and says with this knowledge and experience he knows firsthand how important business and industry is for the county. One of New’s priorities is to bring more factories to the area, as he said there have been no new ones in quite some time. He also adds that temp services are not counted as fully employed here in the county, which skews the numbers for unemployment.

More jobs would expand the tax base, New adds, and says he doesn’t want to raise taxes but new private sector options and more vocationally trained students would attract this crucial new industry.

New, who identifies as a fiscal conservative, says that this is dire in order for the county to grow.

Lastly, he discussed the drug epidemic, and cites the many children that are in desperate need of education as they are being raised by their grandparents, and thus at a disadvantage in some cases.

New reiterates that an expansion of the jail is also necessary in order to keep up with the sometimes 200% over capacity that has been crowding the detention center for quite some time.