Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: KY Senator 34th District Jared Carpenter


Current State Senator for the 34th District Jared Carpenter is running again to attempt to keep his spot representing Madison, Rockcastle, and part of Fayette Counties. He came in for a two minute sitdown, and explained his background, which closely ties him to this area. Carpenter is currently Chairman of the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee, while also serves on the Agriculture, Transportation, and Banking & Insurance Committees.

Carpenter says playing basketball in both high school at Southern and at Eastern Kentucky University allowed him to make quite of bit of connections to the area, which he says he plans to never leave.

We talked about the strides that have been made for the District in Frankfort, which Carpenter says because of our central location, puts this area in a perfect position for affordable options, especially with energy. He says his objective is to keep people in Kentucky to pay taxes and allow the area to grow.

Pension woes were also discussed, and Republican Carpenter says he has been in the middle of the controversy in Frankfort, but adds that there was a lot of misinformation surrounding this hot topic. He says he was not pleased with the method that led to how the bill was derived. The end result, Carpenter says, is what Kentucky needs despite the controversy.

However, he adds that he had a hand in allowing for more funding for public schools, because education is important to him.

Carpenter says that reliable roads, good schools, and strong businesses are important for growth, and he elaborates that he will continue to see these visions through if re-elected.