Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: KY Senate 34th District Candidate Susan Byrne Haddix


Candidate for the Kentucky Senate 34th District Susan Byrne Haddix prides herself on being one of the people. The self-proclaimed “poor person” and pensioner is a former teacher at both Madison Central and Southern, following in line with multiple educators who have sought election in the local races this year.

Haddix is running against current KY Senator Jared Carpenter, who she says she gets along with well as he is a former student. One of her reasons for running, she says is that she has an inside perspective on the education system in our state, and she wishes to take this to Frankfort for the 34th District.

During her two minute sitdown, Haddix covered many topics, including her desire to make the living wage actually livable. She says there is no reason that a person works 40 hours a week and is not able to afford shelter as many are experiencing in Kentucky at the moment.

She also elaborated on her views on tax breaks, which she says she keeps seeing for those that make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year instead of those that need it the most.

We also discussed her views on healthcare, which Haddix emphasizes that even if someone is not working, they need healthcare coverage, especially in the case of an emergency.

Haddix urges all those to vote next week, and laughs, saying she couldn’t let her former student run unapposed for the seat but reiterates that they get along quite well, which takes the mudslinging of running out of the equation.