Berea Planned Parenthood Clinic Causes Protests


Recent discussions to open a Planned Parenthood clinic in Berea has caused a controversy. Sunday afternoon, pro-life protestors took to the streets to make their opinion that Berea shouldn’t have a Planned Parenthood clinic known. President of Bereans for Life and Berea College student Carter Heller told us that her organization helps support pregnant and parenting students and that Planned Parenthood isn’t needed in Berea. Pro-life activist Alicia Dean was the one who organized the protest of Planned Parenthood and she told us that the purpose of the protest is to give a voice to unborn children and to let woman know that there are other options. There were also counter-protestors in support of Planned Parenthood. Pro-choice activist Julia Bullock told us that there is no negatives to having more reproductive health services in Berea and that her group was protesting to support woman who have had abortions.