Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: District 4 Magistrate Tom Botkin


Current Magistrate for District 4 in Madison County Republican Tom Botkin is seeking re-election for a second term. Southern Madison County is an area Botkin says he knows well and loves, and he wishes to continue to represent the people, most of which he was raised with.

Although he did leave the country for the army, and earned a Bronze Star for his work with satellite communications for generals during Desert Storm, Botkin says he had a choice to go anywhere, but he returned to Berea.

Botkin says he has made it a point to speak to the people of the district, and for the most part their complaints have been small in his first term: such as potholes and road fixes.

However, Botkin explains that with his experience in the Army he knows not to turn a blind eye to the munitions stored at the Bluegrass Army Depot, and wishes to ensure that the people of District 4 and the rest of the county continue to be safe from the stockpile.

Botkin adds that the Hope rehab center proposed by Judge-Executive Reagan Taylor is something he has supported since the beginning, when he knew right away that the county could not possibly afford the $50 million that is required to remedy the overcrowded detention center. He elaborates that all addicts deserve that chance, especially in the beginning stages to get the help they need as opposed to instantly being incarcerated in an already strained facility.