Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: Magistrate District 4 Candidate Debbie Vescio


Debbie Vescio says she wasn’t sure what to expect when she first decided to run for District 4 Magistrate, but now after getting to know the people of the District and knocking on doors she feels more confident than ever in taking the plunge to run to represent her district in Southern Madison County.

Vescio graduated from EKU with a degree in Mathematics, and then went on to attain a Master’s in Industrial Technology. Beforehand, she was employed as one of the first women within the sales/service office at IBM in Lexington, and still works for the company today, mostly from the comfort of her home in Madison County.

The roads in the southern part of the county are important to Vescio, and she explains she has heard that school buses cannot get to certain far reaching areas of Madison County, and that kids have to come to the main roads to get picked up. She says this is a problem, and funds need to be allocated to remedy some of the dips that fill with rainwater and cause flooding.

Vescio elaborates that with her background and work history she would be well suited to sit on the Fiscal court, and would be careful with the county budgets. She explains that she has sat in on many Fiscal Court meetings, and knows that only a small portion of taxes: 8 cents of every dollar can be delegated to the county’s budget. When this has to be dispersed between roads, EMS, fire, et cetera, this can be a tall order. Therefore, she states that she would ensure that the people’s hard earned money would be used properly.