Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: Magistrate District 2 Candidate Scott Johnson


Scott Johnson made time between working at Central Bank and his sitting on 8 different non-profit boards to come down for a two minute sitdown, in which we discussed his platform for the Democratic ticket for District 2 Magistrate.

Johnson says he grew up in Berea, but now resides in the Northern part of Madison County, which he says is a vitally important part of the area that sometimes gets overlooked.

He did say there was some economic growth happening, with a new gas station, but that there are still more strides to be made when it comes to growing the uppermost part of Madison County.

Johnson also praised the work of State and local policing agencies, and says that their work with kids to get the drug-free message out is vitally important. Johnson explains this is especially timely with the growing drug epidemic, which is overcrowding the county detention center. He says the millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars that would be needed to fix this problem should not be taken lightly, but that all those suffering from addiction do deserve that second chance.

Lastly, Johnson says he wants to be a part of the leadership of the county, and wishes to take Madison County into the future.