Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: Magistrate District 3 Candidate Billy Ray Hughes

Candidate for Madison County Magistrate District 3 Billy Ray Hughes came in for a two minute sitdown, and explains that this would not be his first time in the position if he is elected.
Hughes was recently the manager of a local factory and his facility received awards under his tutelage. However, Hughes explains that this time around he has more time to devote to serving the county as he is retired at this time.
One of the big issues discussed was the county’s financial issues, including the stresses to the continually overcrowded jail. Hughes says he believes that there is no easy solution as this is tied in to the drug epidemic, but there needs to be a solution put in place for the detention center.
Another idea Hughes brings to light is cooperation between the two city governments and the County government. He explains that in the past there were forums put together to work as a cooperative effort and benefit everyone in Madison County.
Lastly, Hughes touched on the Blue Grass Army Depot and elaborates that in order to move forward following the eventual chemical destruction of the weapons held there for nearly a century the space there has to be re-evaluated. Hughes proposes that maybe another type of facility can be put in place on the property once it is vacated.