Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: Berea Mayoral Candidate Charles Arnold


Berea businessman Charles Arnold says he grew up with aspirations to be Attorney General one day…but he laughs and says Berea Mayor would be even better. Arnold has had a hand in local politics for many years, including chairing the Tourism Commission. He says he left the Air Force and has been in Berea ever since.

Arnold says his number one priority is gaining Hazardous Duty Pay for the Berea Fire and Police Departments. Arnold believes strongly that this is of utmost importance, as these are the people keeping southern Madison County safe.

Another priority we spoke about during his two minute sitdown was the completion of the Berea Bypass, which he says is long overdue. Arnold said he even petitioned to the Governor and would go so far as to camp out on his lawn until it is done. Arnold says this is not just a long overdue project for business owners such as himself, but to the entire community.

Lastly, Arnold touched on the extensive drug epidemic, and says that he wants to work with local officials and police to crack down on crime adding to this plight at the street level.