Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: Berea Mayoral Candidate Bruce Fraley


Current City Councilman and longtime Berean Bruce Fraley is wanting to take his service to the city he knows and loves one step further: to the top.

The now-retired former Social Security worker is vying for the position of Mayor of Berea.

Fraley came in for a two minute sitdown, and spoke first of some of the successes he has had since he has been on the council. He says he wants to continue this momentum if he is elected mayor.

Some of the wins for the city that he said he had a hand in were the negotiation of the electricity contracts, which were no doubt a contentious and complicated issue, as well as the bringing back of the big money-maker for the city: the Spoonbread Festival.

Fraley also says that he and other Councilors went all the way to Frankfort to get the construction of the Berea Bypass back on the six-year-plan, which he says was stalled in recent years for much-needed roadwork.

Another area of importance discussed was other infrastructure projects that Fraley says he would move forward if elected. These include the expansion of the Owsley Fork Dam to allow for more water conservation, as well as the current ire of the people of the city of Berea: the US 25 construction project.