Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: Berea Mayor Steven Connelly


Berea Mayor Steve Connelly came in for a two minute sitdown ahead of the November general elections, where he will be seeking re-election for what he says is one last time. Connelly has been mayor of the city since 2003, and said he thought long and hard about running again.

However, Connelly said he concluded that there are a few jobs that he wishes to see through, and transitions that he wants to smooth out. Some of these are the electricity contracts which are contentious and changing over in 2019, as well as the personnel changes at City Hall.

We also spoke about the current city council, which may see some turnover… following the elections next month.

One of the requests that Connelly wants to implement is the street-level use of the police department in order to crack down on crime and the drug epidemic at the local level.

Connelly also mentioned the finishing of US 25 North, as well as the raising of the water level at the Owsley Fork Dam.

Lastly, Connelly praised his city and the workers and says that although the arts and crafts are vitally important to the city, the local economy needs to be diversified and the industrial areas need to be bolstered further.