Thousands Gather Outside Alumni Coliseum to see Trump


The chilly weather didn’t stop the crowd from gathering to see Trump speak at Alumni Coliseum. Some of the crowd was out as early as 5:30 in the morning to be at the front of the line. We spoke to people in line about why they like Trump about why they are excited to see Trump and how long they have been waiting. They said they support Trump because he has filled the promises he made on the campaign trail. Others said they support him because they think he speaks his is mind and is a man of the people. If you want to see Trump be sure to get into to line fast as tickets don’t guarantee entry to the rally. The rally will be broadcast live on 92.5 WEKY F.M, 103.5 WKXO F.M, 1340 A.M, and on WBONTV.