Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: Richmond Mayor Candidate Robert Blythe


Lifelong Richmond resident and Pastor at First Baptist Church Robert R. Blythe says he is taking the next logical step: running for Mayor of Richmond.

Blythe is currently rounding out a whopping 16 years as a City Commissioner, but explains that he wants to take his service to the city further. Blythe came in for a two minute sitdown, and touched on some topics that are of utmost importance to him when it comes to the city he knows and loves.

Of primary concern, Blythe begins, is the cleanliness of the city. He elaborates that this is not only important to attract those from out of town to Main street and surrounding areas, but for the safety and health of the residents as well. When asked about the businesses downtown, Blythe says the goal is to make Downtown easily accessible and attractive so that more people flock to main street.

Parking woes were also discussed, and Blythe said his solution that he has worked with constituents on is to put signage up around downtown to show where parking is available, as well as fostering light exercise and getting people to walk the short distance to visit their favorite local spots.

Also discussed was the drug epidemic, and Blythe said the police force does as excellent job, but that they could always use more support from those at the head of the city, as well as more hires. He adds that the city is not exactly safe at this point in time, and if elected, he will do his best to ensure the safety of citizens.