Statement from EKU Regarding Trump Rally


120 faculty and staff of Eastern Kentucky University have sent out their open opposition to the President coming to campus on Saturday. The letter, addressed to EKU president Michael Benson, said this:

“Our opposition to the campaign does not arise from any differences of opinion with the political content that is likely to be put forth at the rally: as a group, we among the faculty subscribe to a diverse set of political beliefs which mirror those of the student body and the Commonwealth as a whole, and we are fully committed to encouraging the expression of that diversity of beliefs. Yet we must object to this campaign which has consistently, openly, and unambiguously attacked the values of inquiry, learning, and free speech which lie at the heart of higher education and form the core mission of the University.”

EKU sent out a statement which you can read below, which says in part that they are for freedom of speech when it comes to higher learning, and are working with law enforcement to ensure that Saturday’s rally will be safe and positive.